Celebrating 25 years of commercial and contracting excellence

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Twenty-five years of contract management transformation with WorldCC


Established Practices, Fresh Perspectives

This year marks a quarter-century of excellence for WorldCC, the global leader in contract and commercial management. Since our inception, we've been dedicated to transforming the way businesses create and manage contracts, fostering collaboration, innovation, and efficiency across industries.

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we reflect on our journey of empowering professionals, advancing best practices, and driving impactful change. From pioneering educational programs and certifications to hosting influential conferences and fostering a vibrant community of over 70,000 members, WorldCC has consistently set the standard in the industry.

Join us in commemorating 25 years of growth, achievement, and future-focused innovation. Explore our special events, retrospectives, and forward-looking initiatives designed to continue our legacy of excellence.

Thank you for being a part of the WorldCC community. Together, we look forward to shaping the next 25 years of progress and success.

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Sally Guyer - CEO, WorldCC
Rod Wade - Chair of the board of directors, WorldCC

Building Success Together

WorldCC members from around the globe share their experiences and the value they've gained from being part of our vibrant community. Discover how WorldCC has helped them excel in their careers and navigate the ever-evolving world of contracts and commerce.

And if you aren't already a member, here's your reminder to start your journey with the leading association for professionals in commercial and contract management.

Our Story

In the mid-90s, many multinational technology and telecommunications companies shared the same challenge – they were not truly global. Sales and procurement were by–product and by-country and contracts were single jurisdiction – it was complicated and time-consuming. A common question at the CEO level was, “What are other people doing?”. To re-engineer their approach to global contracts, a group of leading companies banded together – and that’s where our story starts.

Team WorldCC Throughout the Years

The WorldCC Team is passionate about what we do, and despite being entirely remote and scattered between 5 continents, we love the chance to get together in person, in particular when we get to meet with our fantastic members. Here are a few photos from over the years of our staff at events, summits and meetings.

Member Pack: Celebrating 25 Years of WorldCC

WorldCC Member Celebration

Download our member pack, which includes information about WorldCC at 25, including some image templates you can use, and share your WorldCC memories, photos and videos on social networks and the Community platform. 

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