Benchmark Report Series 2023/24

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the much-anticipated Benchmark Report Series, a collaborative effort between Icertis, the groundbreaking contract intelligence company, and World Commerce & Contracting.

CCM: the journey to operational excellence

In this comprehensive report, insights from over 750 organizations worldwide have been meticulously analyzed, illuminating the top trends and challenges in contracting. In an era where market volatility, regulatory pressures, AI impact, and supply chain disruptions are the norm, this report dives deep into the strategies that set successful organizations apart.

Buy-side and sell-side comparisons

This report is one in a series based on data from the WorldCC Benchmark report 2023. It explores the variations between buy- and sell-side commercial and contract management functions, also comparing these to the increasingly common integrated buy-and-sell groups that are emerging across a variety of organisations and industries.

CCM Benchmark: Public Sector Insights

The Public Sector Insights report analyzes how governments and state agencies worldwide are managing contracts in a changing environment. It draws on data from public sector organizations in 18 countries to examine key challenges and priorities and the initiatives being utilized to improve contract management.

CCM analysis by geographic region

The CCM landscape is developing and diversifying with regional nuances. This report explores the evolving landscape of commercial and contract management (CCM), examining regional variations in integration trends, strategic priorities, barriers to progress, and contractual approaches. The CCM landscape is developing and diversifying with regional nuances. 

Did you miss our series of webinars diving deep into the latest findings from the 2023 Benchmark Study? 

Download the reports and catch up on our webinars below.

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Benchmark Report Webinars 1

Watch part one: Getting beyond average - the state of contract and commercial management

Discover the key trends and priorities for CCM functions as they seek to improve processes, streamline workload and address skills and resourcing challenges.

Among the key findings, we explore the issues of recruitment and retention, the shift away from templates, the adoption of new (collaborative) commercial models and advances in technology adoption and use.

Benchmark Report Webinars 2

Watch part two: Positioning the value of CCM

Too often, contract and commercial management are viewed as operational or administrative tasks, dismissed as necessary, but with little status. Yet the data proves otherwise. CCM is a critical discipline that keeps the cogs of any business turning.

In this second webinar in our 2023 Benchmark Series, we reveal key metrics from the world of CCM and discuss the value these represent. Plus we will dig into how the role varies between buy side and sell side and between geographic regions.

It’s your chance to discover how you compare, whether your CCM team is among the high performers and to gain insight to the characteristics of the leaders in value delivery.

Benchmark Report Webinars 3

Part three: CCM by industry - what’s the difference?

For many years, WorldCC members have complained about the difficulty in switching between industries. They each believe they are unique in their approach to contract and commercial management.

In this third program in our 2023 Benchmark Series, we explore variations by industry - how the role varies, its status and priorities, the activities that practitioners undertake and how they are organized. We will also compare uses of technology and the extent to which that is increasing or reducing the divide (and opportunities).

Are the barriers to movement real or imagined? Are there industries to join, or to avoid? This expose of the market provides an excellent scene-setter for Careers Week, starting on November 27th.

Health check tool

The WorldCC Health Check Tool: Calculate your ROI

Unsure about where and how to invest in improving your contracting process? This powerful tool provides a benchmark of your performance against industry standards and highlights areas for improvement. With just ten questions taking 3-5 minutes to complete, you'll receive immediate indications of likely benefits and confidential insights into primary areas for improvement. Take control of your contracting excellence journey today!