AI in Contracting

From Untapped Revolution to Emerging Evolution

The contracting landscape is undergoing a revolution driven by Artificial Intelligence's (AI) burgeoning potential. But how far has this revolution progressed? Are organizations truly embracing AI-powered solutions, or are they still hesitant to take the leap? Download our latest report, in partnership with Icertis, "AI in Contracting: From Untapped Revolution to Emerging Evolution," and find the answers you seek. Following up on our June 2023 study, "AI in Contracting: An Untapped Revolution," this comprehensive report delves deeper into the current state of AI adoption. Don't forget to catch-up on the launch webinar below.

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In this webinar, WorldCC provides insights into AI's impact on the contracting process and contract professionals work. Drawing from our powerful new report, you will discover the growing use cases, plans for the future and the continuing concerns and constraints that are impacting adoption.

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Journal Articles

Delve deeper into the exciting world of AI in contracting with the insightful articles featured in WorldCC's Contracting Excellence Journal! Discover expert opinions, best practice guides, and case studies enabling you to explore how AI is transforming every aspect of the contracting process. 


AI Contracting Week

Join us for AI Contracting Week 2024, the premier event bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and thought leaders to explore the future of contracting powered by AI. Missed last year's inaugural event? Catch up on all the insightful sessions and presentations from AI Contracting Week 2023.